Consensual BlackMail Terms of Agreement

By filling out the attached form and sending your application fee of $99, you agree to My rules and understand that you will be respectful at all times. You will do as you are told and never question GoddessGodiva's commands. You understand once contracts are sent that it is up to GoddessGodiva's commands. You understand once contracts are sent that it is up to GoddessGodiva's when contracts will be terminated and you will follow Her rules until such time as she chooses to end the contract. All Contracts are binding and this is not a game, I assure you it is very real!! Fill out the application form and send your tribute.

I agree to complete whatever payment schedule Mistress and I have agreed upon. My monthly service charge is $400.00 and I agree to the phone charges at GoddessGodiva's rate, and email assignments will be prepaid. You need to provide accurate information required on the application form.

I hereby agree and in fact wish to provide GoddessGodiva with my personal information for the purpose of being consensually blackmailed. By filling out this email form I agree that I do this of my own free will and that GoddessGodiva has the last say about the contracts changes or terms. I provide the following information freely and voluntarily. I have not been coerced or defrauded into providing such information and understand that release of this information by GoddessGodiva will be of her own discretion. Once this document is filled out and signed, all information is sole property of GoddessGodiva and she can do with it as she wishes.

I further agree to follow explicitly and unquestioningly instructions, unless such instructions are illegal or physically harmful to myself or another. I understand that failure to explicitly and obediently follow such instruction will invoke the release of any or all of the information provide below to the designated parties or to any other party she deems fit.

I understand that this contract is for an undetermined time period. I understand that should GoddessGodiva decide to cut ties with me that she will safely dispose of all information that I have provided. I understand that GoddessGodiva if she so chooses, has the right to change any terms at any time. If I do not wish to break ties with GoddessGodiva, she will have full control over when i am, or if I am ever released and that must be in the form of a letter, signed by GoddessGodiva in order to take effect. If at any time I do break my ties with GoddessGodiva in order to take effect. I need to return the original contract.

Consensual Blackmail Application Form

Full Name:
Cell Phone Number:
Home Phone Number:
Work Address and number:
Home Address:
All Yahoo Ids and Emails:
Girlfriend/Wife Info:
Parents/brothers and sisters Info:
Their Full Name:
Their Emails:
Their Work Info:
Their Cell and Home Numbers:

Friends and Family Information

Names of at least 4 friends or family's info here, include names, addresses, phone numbers and yahoo Ids and emails. Write a letter to your parent or partner stating your nastiest fantasy and sign your full name at the end. Comments of Any other information you would like to add just for the thrill of it. I hereby acknowledge that this information is freely and voluntarily given. I am under no coercion to give the above information and do so because I wish to serve GoddessGodiva as Her blackmailed slave and to give Her my complete attention.

Donate $99

Donate €99

After filling in the form you will be contacted by me and you will be obligated to sign a Consensual Blackmail Contract that will release me from any liability. You will also need to submit a copy of your passport or another form of identification!


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