Your Weenie behind Bars

In the world of GoddessGodiva all men are to be kept in chastity, available to serve me the Supreme Black Goddess and not their own selfish desires!

Men have cock for two reasons, to piss out of and pleasure the superior race if and only when she orders him too. Left to their own device they cannot be trusted not to indulge in deceitful dirty selfish fantasies.

GoddessGodiva offers a chastity service to help males who recognize that left alone they are worthless little shits but who are wise enough to seek correction by submitting their cocks to chasity under the control & supervision of GoddessGodiva.

Each time you have an erection or slightest sensation, when your eyes see the opposite sex and you feel the pinch of your chastity, it will trigger the thought of GoddessGodiva and you be reminded that GoddessGodiva owns and controls the most intimate part of your body, and hence all of you. It is then you have to report back to Godiva for your misdemeanor control and will learn the art of being a true submissive.

First I expect an e-mail stating why you deserve ME to hold the key to your chastity submitted with a donation of $125. If I accept your groveling application you may then purchase the chastity contract and then I will provide further instructions and fees which will include you purchasing a chastity device. My personal favorite is dreamlover2000 watch video inside my diary.

Duties will include...

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