Say Buh-Bye To Your manhood!

You think about it alot, don't you sweet tits ?

Staring at the Women around you and just wishing one of them would *make* you do it! Force you into makeup, slutty lingerie, and then to your ultimate clit-tickling fantasy - to have them shove a cock right in that dirty hole of yours and make you suck the filthy thing until you gag.

I'm the Girl who forced Her little brother into wigs, makeup and dresses and made him do little dances while he cried like a baby girl. I simply laughed, smacked him around and made him play dirty Barbies with Me. Hahaha!

While you're never going to be a fraction of the beautiful, talented and utterly phenomenal Woman that I am - it's certainly going to be a riot experimenting on you!!

Hormones, plastic surgery, charm school - you'll be a fucking masterpiece after I'm done!

Things You Won't Be Doing Anymore

Hanging out with "the guys"
Watching sports and the Spike Channel
Being disrepectful to Women
Acting "macho"
Anything sexual to do with Women

Things You'll Be Aquiring a Taste For

Wearing panties, slutty clothes and fuck me pumps
Shopping, bikini waxes and chick flicks
Being completely obedient to ME
Emasculating humiliation
Gloryholes, street corners and massive cocks


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