The black bitch you are craving to serve

I am the woman you only dare to look at, but never dare to speak too. I'm beautiful, dark, intelligent, young, slim, sexy, long black hair, seductive brown eyes, dark and delicious full lips.

I'm naturally dominant and since my teenage years I am spoiled by silly fools who beg to take me out shopping or buying presents for me. I am a spoiled princess and do not settle for less. So know what you're getting into loser, because if you served me once you cannot stop. I'm the only woman in your life for whom you breathe, live and work. You work like a horse to fulfill my needs, wants and pay for everything that I want. Understood? I am the only Queen Bee in your life!

I AM the Supreme Highness of Humiliation, Bratty Princess of Paysluts, Exquisite Queen of Closet Queers, Darling Duchess of Drunkies, Lovely Lady of Lo$ers, Matriarchal Mommy of Baby Boys, Saucy Instructor of Sissies, Her Merciless Beauty of Blackmail....The One and Only GoddessGodiva.

I'm a rebel. I'm a glamour girl. I'm a bitch and I'm a sweetheart. I'm maddingly unpredictable, intolerably selfish and moody as hell.

I am THEE Queen Bee. The Black Devil sees nothing redeeming in MY workerbees except the ability to work hard for your Queen and serve Her in every way that She demands.

I am a lifestyle Dominant Beauty with 2 happy little maggots who do just that. They clean My house, shovel My snow, change My oil, drink My toilet water and PAY out of the ass for the priviledge of doing ANYTHING I command, or even just hint at! The devotion of these two insignificant peons is unrivalled thus far. I am the sole beneficiary on one of their wills and have full access to all of his accounts. That's what you call a Financial Sadist, darlings.

Hence, I have no "need" for you losers at all. I'm simply going to take what I want and toy with you along the way. Because that is what I enjoy doing. I AM exactly what YOU crave, and I will gleefully lead you into a hopeless addiction that leaves Me haunting your mind for the rest of your days.

My Mission is simple. Own at least one slave in every city in every country in the world.

There is one reason and one reason only that I have extended My Presence to the Internet so that little boys like you may have the privileged opportunity to serve the insatiable and greedy Dominant Goddess that I am. That reason being....I want it all!

Your tears, your humiliation, your servitude, your adoration, your fear, your money.... And get it all, I will. Have no doubts about that.

I never think, say, or do anything that isn't beneficial to Me.

If I were you (and thank Goddess I'm not) I'd close this page right now, forget you ever saw Me and NEVER COME BACK. But you really don't have the self control to do that do you, little boy?


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