Your weakness = My gain

Awww, lookie - your inferior little brainstem is twisted, tied and permanently imprinted with an attraction to an inanimate object! Or maybe your weakened blob of a brain is instantly malleable when you see a certain something. Whatever is it, freakboy - Yeah for ME! You are one EASY chump to manipulate!

Let's get one thing clear here, jackass - I do NOT exist to cater to your pathetic pleas for pantyhose, high heels, etc. If your weakness happens to fit into who i am, My Moods and the fashions that I enjoy - I will happily use them to transform you into My bitchboy for life.

However, if you think I'm going to jump into a rubber suit when you come knocking beacause it makes you go gaga - keep on moving. You are in the WRONG place.

With that said if you are a brainwashed baby with a weakness that is listed here, you're guaranteed to fall into the trap that is ME.

  • Foot Fetish
  • Smoking Fetish
  • Legs Fetish
  • Latex Fetish
  • Ebony Fetish
  • Boot Fetish
  • Shoe / High Heel Fetish
  • Stockings / Nylon Fetish
  • Leather Fetish
  • Breast Fetish
  • Glove Fetish
  • Lipstick Fetish


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