The GoddessGodiva Hive

I make your dream a reality


You've been inducted into My Honeycomb and you're never leaving. I've manipulated, mushed and remolded your mind to consider Me in ALL THINGS. You no longer think in terms of what you want, need or deserve - you consider what is best for your Goddess Queen Bee. You are the true slave and completely controlled by Me.


I use you for My sexual pleasure. You are an attractive male specimen who is gifted in doing what you're told. It's highly doubtful that any of you reading this right now are remotely close to being a drone in My Hive. Keep dreaming.


You're a fairy faggot with a penchant for pantyhose and cock-gobbling. You'd give your family jewels to BE ME. In fact, you wish I'd just slice them off and make you as beautiful as I am. You'd like to be strangled with an angora sweater.


Otherwise known to Me as a "hit-and-run", you are the weekend wannabe "slave", and you don't have any rank at all. You show up when the wifey's gone or sleeping and pretend you're living the life of servitude to a Dominant Woman you've always wanked your floppy skintag to. You have no loyalty and hop around to various Dommes as an attempt to normalize your behaviour as a "man". In a sense you think you can retain some semblance of control, but the truth is that you are more pathetic and helpless than the rest of them, as you are too afraid to be who you really are. You are the bottom of Myfoodchain and most decidely deserve to be chewed up and spit out.


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