Ways to save for Godiva

Some of you unfortunate freaks are unfortunately poor. It just highlights how much more of a failure you really are. Thank Goddess I'm here. I'll show you that even a doughless doughboy like yourself can turn himself into a prime piggy bank for Me to break! It doesn't matter if you actually make a nice buck for Me to take - there are ALWAYS ways to SAVE and SEND MORE MORE MORE!

Ditch The Dependents

Now that you've found me, you donít need a family! I'm your best friend, your mother, your savior, the light at the end of your tunnel your and from now on your life revolves around Godiva, and those cash-sucking family members need to be banned out of your life!.

No Pets Allowed

Pets are not allowed. They only costs money and that money can be spend on Godiva. And since you will need every penny that you got it is better to take you pets to the pets shelter or better yet sell them and provide them with a better home and give the money to Godiva.

Secondhand clothing

The average consumer spends over $1500 on clothing a year. Stop with buying new clothes and shoes because you donít deserve it. From this moment one you will only shop at the Salvation Army and other second hand clothing stores. And at home you can walk around naked so you only need clothing for when you are out working to provide Godiva the finer things in life.

Start eating worse

From now on you will be cutting discounts coupons from adds in the paper and you will only shop and discounts grocery stores. Only the worst food for you and the best food for your goddess. The way it should be so start clipping away like a real desperate housewife.

By bike

You can put your car up for sale now because you will start riding your bike. And of course donate the earnings of the sale to Godiva. By riding your bike to work or taking public transport you are doing the environment also a huge favor next to saving more money for Godiva. Do I need to say more?

Stop smoking

Smoking is an expensive habit and you will stop now. And cost at least Ä5 a day thatís Ä1825 on a yearly basis of my money. It will also save you money on your health insurance. If you find it hard to quite I have enough ideas for the things where you can suck on and I guarantee you that you will forget the cigarette in a split second.

Save money for Godiva

Open up a special bank account for Godiva and make sure that your bank wires an amount every week into my savings account.


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