Sissy Training

I've noticed that there is a need for a Sissy Charm School. Many submissives want to be feminized by GoddessGodiva. I've had contact with a lot of sissies. These sissies know that their masculinity is no longer enjoyable for women.

Do you honestly think that you could be a real woman? You stare at the women around you, wishing you were one of them. I am the woman who's forced her macho slave to have wigs, makeup, and dresses to wear and let him dance while he was whining and realized he could say goodbye to his masculinity. I got him laughed at, beaten as the sissy that he is and let him play with Barbie's. Hahaha! Hahaha! You'll never be a fraction of the beautiful, talented and extremely feminine woman I am. The training at my Sissy Charm School will let you come a long way, by the time I'm done with you; you are the prettiest transvestite who walks around on this planet earth.

Here you can learn to walk, talk, dress and make you feel like a real woman. Under my care you will get the chance to be a successful sissy slut or maid.

There are two courses that I teach

  • Sissy Slut Training (SST)
  • Sissy Maid Training

I give several lessons for beginners and advanced sissies. This is done through instructions and assignments that you have to make and examinations will take place. After completing all the courses you will be able to graduate by taking the final exam. If you graduate you will receive a Sissy School Charm diploma and you will be able to say proud and out loud: I am a true Sissy!

  • Female Personality
  • Learn to behave as a woman
  • Chastity
  • Keeping a diary
  • Learn to walk on high heels
  • Pantyhouse and Lingerie
  • Personal hygiene
  • Makeup
  • Pedicure en Manicure
  • Social skills and etiquette

You need to fill in the sissy application form and make a $60 or €50 donation. An application received without a donation will not be reviewed by GoddessGodiva. If you are accepted as a student at my Sissy Charm School you will need to make a $35 or €25 monthly donation. You will be provided with a login and a password with this you gain access to my Sissy Charm School.



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